SLS 3D-Printing Specialist Course

The specialised course on SLS 3D-Printing offers comprehensive knowledge and practical skills in this powerful and versatile technology. The course is ideal for technicians and engineers who already have basic CAD knowledge and would like to learn more about 3D printing.

Course Content

Introduction and Basics of SLS 3D-Printing

  • Overview of SLS technology and its development: Learn about the history and development of SLS 3D-Printing.
  • Materials science: Learn more about the different types of powders and their properties.
  • Understanding the hardware: Gain insight into the printer architecture and the various components of an SLS printer

In-depth Study of Print Preparation and Software

  • Introduction to CAD software and STL files: Learn how to use CAD software for 3D printing and how to create STL files.
  • Slicing software: Learn how to set up, configure and optimise slicing software.
  • Creating support structures: Understand how support structures affect print quality and how to optimise them.

Advanced Printing Techniques

  • Optimisation of print parameters: Learn how to optimise print parameters for specific applications.
  • Error analysis and solution strategies: Develop strategies for analysing and eliminating errors in 3D printing.

Practical Application and Case Studies

  • Create your own projects: Turn your ideas into reality and create your own 3D-printed products.
  • Analyse case studies and best practices: Learn from real-life case studies and industry best practices.
  • Group projects: Work in groups to solve real-life problems and gain practical experience.

Quality Assurance and Post-Processing

  • Quality assurance methods: Learn how to ensure the quality of your prints during and after printing.
  • Finishing techniques: Learn techniques such as sanding, varnishing and chemical smoothing.
  • Testing and validation: Develop skills to test and validate 3D-printed parts.

Industrial Applications of SLS

  • Use of SLS in various industries: Find out how SLS is used in manufacturing, medicine and other industries.
  • Adaptation for mass production: Learn how to adapt SLS techniques for mass production
  • Future trends and innovations: Discover the latest trends and innovations in SLS 3D printing.

Prerequisites for the SLS 3D-Printing Course

Course Format

  • The course takes place at our location in Altenholz and lasts two weeks

Target Group

This specialised course offers a valuable training opportunity for people who want to develop their professional skills in the field of additive manufacturing and 3D printing technologies.

Funding Opportunities and Education Vouchers

Our course is eligible for funding through education vouchers and BFD (Berufsförderungsdienst der Bundeswehr). Use this support to finance your further training and open up new career prospects.

Certification and Accreditation

  • Certification: On completion of the course, you will receive a certificate confirming the knowledge and skills you have learned.
  • Accreditation: The course is AZAV certified.