3D-Printing Using the Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) Process

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Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) is an advanced 3D-Printing technology that produces highly precise and resilient components by fusing powdered materials. In this process, a thin layer of powder material, such as TPU, TPE or polyamide, is applied to the building platform. A laser beam selectively sintered the powder to build up the desired model layer by layer. This results in strong functional parts without the need for support structures.

Why SLS 3D-Printing?

  • Precision and Resilience: SLS printers are known for their ability to produce complex geometries and high-strength parts. This technology is ideal for applications such as functional prototypes, series production, and final components.
  • Variety of Materials: The wide range of materials available allows the customization of properties such as strength, flexibility, and durability. Common materials include nylon (PA 12), glass-filled nylon and flexible polymers.
  • Fast Production: With standard lead times of just 3 working days, projects can be developed quickly

Applications – Focus on Versatility and Performance

SLS is a technology known for its robust results and versatility. Whether it’s the development of functional prototypes, the production of customised components for industrial applications, or the production of final components – SLS-3D-Printing technology opens countless possibilities.

Series production with SLS 3D-Printing

Series Production

Experience the advantages of series production with SLS 3D-Printing. This technology enables the rapid production of small to medium quantities with consistent high quality and attention to detail. Contact us to learn more about the possibilities of series production with SLS.

Functional prototype with SLS 3D-Printing

Functional Prototypes

The SLS 3D-Printing process enables the production of functional prototypes that can withstand mechanical loads and be tested under real conditions. Rely on SLS 3D-Printing to drive your development faster and more efficiently.

End components with SLS 3D-Printing

End Components

SLS 3D-Printing is ideal for the production of final components for use in demanding applications. The high strength and precision of SLS parts make them ideal for industrial applications and consumer products.


Materials for SLS 3D-Printing

Variety of Materials

SLS offers a wide range of materials with specific properties such as high strength, flexibility, or chemical resistance. Our range of materials includes PP, polyamide, and flexible polymers, which are suitable for various applications.

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